The PagliaLonga farmhouse is located within a farm that expands on about 10 hectares of land used for the production of vegetables, fruit, aromatic and medicinal plants certified organic. Our products are used in the restaurant and in the processing laboratory, which produces preserves such as tomato puree, jams and pickles.

The structure of the restaurant and the rooms comes from the renovation of an old tobacco dryer of the '20s. 

Inside the farm there are also farm animals such as rabbits, chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, black pigs, all raised on the ground with plenty of space to run around and fed with their own production.

You can book other activities for a fee that we provide in the structure, such as soap-making workshops, cooking and educational farm.

It has a separate management, but you can also find a riding school inside the farm. The horses can be freely visited from the ground, but if you are interested in the activities of the riding school we will put you in direct contact with the instructors.

Our farm also enjoys a very central location in the province of Cosenza, just 50 minutes from the National Parks of Sila and Pollino, and only 30/40 minutes from the beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea.

Agriturismo PagliaLonga

C.da Macchiatavola, 4, Bisignano - CS, 87043, Italy