The dining room of the restaurant, obtained by renovating a shed of the '20s born as a tobacco dryer, recalls the memory of rural environments now forgotten. The hospitality always open and courteous and pleasant environment welcome you to enjoy our food, prepared most often with traditional recipes of our land. In the kitchen the raw materials used are almost entirely of our production and certified organic, such as vegetables, fresh pasta and meat ... The rest is local or regional.

We leave little space, as little as possible, to the industrial and national product. The respect for the seasons and the continuous research on the Calabrian product ensure, in addition to quality and authenticity, also the respect for the environment being products at Km O.

Oil and wine used are both at Km O, as they are both produced by companies of Bisignanese, an area renowned for the DOP Bruzio oil and IGT wines.

For the oil we are supplied by the farm Frantoio Boscarelli, Francesca Boscarelli.

For the wine we use the bulk of the cellars L'Agricola GiuntaBosca