Moving by car you can reach various places of tourist interest, from 15 minutes to 50 minutes depending on the destination. Sila National Park; Pollino National Park; Tyrrhenian and Ionian beaches; Cosenza's historical center; various countries of Albanian origin.

Do not forget that PagliaLonga is located in the municipality ofBisignano and in just 10 minutes you can reach the historic center of the country, now known throughout the world to be the birthplace of the Holy Humble. This town historically has always had a key role in the province of Cosenza, given its favorable position in the center of the Crati Valley. Since the early Christian centuries became an important bishopric, and in the Middle Ages raised to Principality belonged to the Princes Sanseverino. 

Bisignano's handicraft has a long tradition and is the expression of ancient traditions and old crafts, even today in Bisignano are practiced crafts such as the arts of lutherie and processing of ceramics and iron.

Surely in the country are to visit the churches, and the museum of lutherie.

We can not fail to mention in addition, given the strong ties of this country with the horse, the tradition of thePalio . From medieval origins, and restored at the beginning of the 90s, this event takes place over three days: The traditional procession in sixteenth-century costumes, which takes place on the third Sunday of June; the joust, or the real horse race, which takes place on the last Sunday of June; and finally the Palio delle Serenate, an event that takes place on the penultimate Sunday of August.

In the middle of the Crati valley, Paglialonga is in the centre of the province of Cosenza, well connected with highways and motorways, which makes it the ideal place to visit its beauties, starting from the city of Cosenza itself, reachable in only 20 minutes.

Surrounded by Italy's largest Arberesche community (Albanians who emigrated after the Turkish invasion of about the 15th century) with no less than 21 municipalities of Albanian language and culture. The villages, all in the surrounding mountains, are well kept.

Worth visiting are the Orthodox churches adorned with icons, such as the frescoes of the Church of Sant'Atanasio in Santa Sofia D'Epiro, the mosaics of the Church of S. Adriano in S. Demetrio Corone (a municipality that is part of the Tommaso Campanella Literary Park) and the Museum of Arberesche Culture in Mongrassano.

Within 30 minutes by car you can reach both the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea, one at Guardia Piemontese the other in the territory of Corigliano.

Or if you are looking for more beautiful beaches, in an hour and a half you can reach the famous Arch of San Nicola Arcella.

Even the mountains are within easy reach. In just 30/40 minutes you can get to the Monte Caloria Natural Park, located on the borders of the Pollino National Park. This park offers several hiking trails in the picturesque area of the Lakes of Fagnano Castello.

Just under an hour away you can admire the beauty and peculiarities of both the Pollino National Park, which straddles our region and Basilicata, and the Sila National Park, located in the largest plateau in Europe, extends into the territory of 19 municipalities in 3 provinces of Calabria.