Didactic farm

Since the '60s we host families with children curious about the farm life, so with the birth of the farm in 2000 it was natural to include the educational farm.

This activity is very popular in the structure, as it is suitable for individual families, groups and schools. We work a lot with schools because the educational farm, often coupled with games or workshops for children, is the perfect opportunity for children to experience a day to learn in an alternative way outdoors.

The visit, to be booked, lasts an average of an hour and a half (the time varies depending on the number of participants) and winds between a green path dedicated to ornamental plants, medicinal and vegetable in the open field, and a path dedicated to the animals on the farm: horses, sheep, goats, poultry, ducks, rabbits, black pig of Calabria.

During the visit, various topics are touched upon, including body language and olfactory games.To the basic visit you can add games and workshops, to be agreed during the booking of the path, which have a variable cost depending on the type and number of participants.We recommend comfortable clothing with tennis shoes and hat, from May on sunscreen.

For the participants of the educational farm it is possible to have lunch at our farm at a discounted price, before or at the end of the visit.

It is desirable that visitors do not bring pre-packaged snacks or soft drinks.